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Official Release Notes 9/6

Howdy Captains! This week we bring to you a much sought after TLC we are calling Defensive Arts, which will reward you Charged Armors, as well as the re-runs of the Scourge and High Tide TLCs ---- Defensive Arts TLC ​

​ The Defensive Arts TLC starts Wednesday, September 6th at Noon PDT and running until Sunday September 10 at 11:59 PST. Use the Apollo, Skyfire Carrier, and Phoenix to earn charged armors, which will help upgrade all of your fleets' defensive capabilities. Prize Pack 1 Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-M x3 Prize Pack 2 Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-CO x4 Prize Pack 3 Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-X x5 ---- High Tide TLC Re-Run ​

​ There have been some changes from the previous High Tide TLC, the requirement has been reduced to lvl 30+, while there are no changes to the targets since last year. Prize packs have also been changed slightly. Duration Tuesday, September 6 at Noon to Wednesday, September 13, at noon. Prize Pack 1: Tideseeker Advanced Concussive Payload 1-day Tideseeker build token x2 Prize Pack 2: Garwood Gatling Gun 4-day Tideseeker build token Prize Pack 3: Concussive Reciprocator 4-day Tideseeker Build Token 1-day Tideseeker Build token x2 Tideseeker 25k VXP token --- Scourge TLC ​

​ A faction-based time-limited campaign is available. Forever features a progression of run-throughs with encounters that feature a combination of base attacks on Reaver bases and Scourge targets from the recent event cycle. Defeat encounter 5 to earn the Gluttony: a T6 Conqueror hull that can transfer its health to other damaged Conqueror ships in your fleet! Duration Tuesday, September 6 at Noon to Wednesday, September 13, at noon. Requirements: LVL 50+, OP 9 Run Throughs: There are 6 run-throughs of the campaign, with 3, 4, & 5 encounters; then, the last three runthoughs have 5 encounters as well. The first three encounters are base attacks. Conqueror hulls are highly recommended to engage the base attacks. Encounter 4 & 5 are Scourge Defense Grids. Conqueror hulls will not be able to engage encounters 4 & 5; Siege hulls are recommended instead. Runthrough 6 is a Mastery runthrough that can be repeated twice to earn additional Gluttony VXP tokens and build tokens. Completing the mastery runthrough will also earn you a Badge! Runthrough 1: Three Encounters - 3x base attacks Sulfide Deployer 1-day structure build token Runthrough 2: Four Encounters - 3x base attacks + 1x Scourge Defense Grids Venom Spitter 1x 5-Day structure build token Runthrough 3: Five Encounters - 3x base attacks + 2x Scourge Defense Grids 1x 5-day structure build token 3x 1-day structure build tokens Runthrough 4: Five Encounters - 3x base attacks + 2 Scourge Defense Grids 1 x 5-day structure build token 1x 1-day structure build token 1 x Gluttony 25k VXP token Runthrough 5: Five Encounters - 3x base attacks + 2 Scourge Defense Grids Gluttony blueprint 1x 12-day structure build token 3x Gluttony 1-day build tokens Runthrough 6: Five Encounters - 3x base attacks + 2 Scourge Defense Grids 3x Gluttony 5k VXP tokens 1x 6-day Gluttony build token 3x Gluttony 1-day build tokens Behold, the Gluttony (T6 Scourge Hull) The Gluttony sports a mechanic that allows it to transfer its health to other ships in the fleet. Tips: While this sub has solid countermeasure abilities (oh, hey. Are those slots for the Deep Sea Countermeasure? Huh!) its healing ability is what sets it apart from other hulls. Once every few seconds, this hull can transfer armor from itself to other hulls within range. This means the more armor it has, the more it can stand to spare. Fatten it up with armor so it can heal longer. It can never have too much health. Hence, Gluttony. The Gluttony is a blueprint and is not limited. Bug Fixes and Tuning Fixed an issue where speed ups would sometimes get stuck at 00s Made the reload stat for the COncussive Belt display in the turret equip modal Portal turrets will now display their ranges when selected in combat by their owner Fixed ranging issues for turrets equipped to portals in combat

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