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9/21 Release Notes

Howdy folks buckle in we have a lot to talk about for this week. We have the introduction of Outpost 10, with a number of improvements we will talk about. We also have our VXP weekend to help rank up your new Fangtooth, and other ships in your dock. We will also be starting our target transition, and talking about the Uranium sources. VXP & Uranium Weekend From Friday, 9/22 @ 9am PDT to Monday, 9/25 @ 9am PDT we will be running our VXP Weekend.This is your first chance to rank up your Fangtooth! We have a great write up on VXP weekends you can find here (<--- Click URL) Keep your eye out for new Uranium Raider (100) and Uranium Raider (60) targets which will have VXP rewards as well as Uranium Payouts. 200k Uranium for the 100 target, and 55k Uranium for the 60 target. These targets will be similar to what you will encounter in the upcoming raid cycle. Uranium Raider (60) will spawn and payout the whole time. Uranium will only be paid out when the target is destroyed. VXP will be paid out based on damage dealt and received as usual. Uranium Raider (100) will only spawn for the first 36 hours, from Fri, 9am PDT - Sat, 9pm PDT. It will pay out Uranium upon destruction, and VXP based on damage dealt and received. The Scourge have a new technology that is slowing ships in the vicinity. This is more powerful in the higher difficulty targets (100), but note the Fangtooth has the ability to resist this. The 60 target does not have this effect, and the Tideseeker will be effective here. Unidentified Raider Fleets, salvage and elite targets will spawn the entire time and pay out VXP like in past VXP weekends. VXP Bulk Buy Discounts We will also be running discounts on the VXP Bulk buy (3 Ranks) on a number of hulls. 70% discount for the following hulls: Hellwraith, Icebreaker, Monolith, Phoenix, Skyfire 80% discount off the following hulls: Centurion, Tideseeker, Cannoneer, Ironclad, Courage VXP Repair Specialists Repair specialists help reduce the repair time for particular ships. We are adding repair specialist for the following ships to the Naval Lab: Cannoneer Ironclad Centurion Outpost 10 Starting Thursday, 9/21 you will be able to upgrade your Outpost to level 10! This is going to give you a number of benefits: Increasing Outpost to Level 10 Benefits: +1 Tactical Installation Slot +1 Armor Slot +1 Omega Turret Slot +30 Land Tile Omega Weapon - Blueprints can be researched in the Weapons Lab after reaching level 12. Increased base footprint by 3 tiles on each side Additional Building Upgrades: Weapons Lab Upgrade (Level 12) Increased Health Increased Weapon Lab Power +1 Tactical Installation Slot +1 Armor Slot New Research Tech Outpost weapon (turret) - Omega Gatling Gun Warehouse Upgrade (Level 16) Increased Health Increased Resource Cap Uranium Base Parts Titanium Oil Metal Energy Zynthium Defense Platforms Upgrade (Level 9) Total Defense Platforms +2 Defense Platforms Platform Level 9 Upgrade Increased Health Increased Platform Power Wall Upgrade (Level 10) Wall Count Increase +100 Walls Wall Upgrade Level 10 New Wall Level Increased Health Dock Upgrade (Level 14) +1 Tac Mod Slot Total Weight Increase Increased to support T7 Hulls Shipyard Upgrade (level 5) Scourge Tech Weight: -15% Upgrade Discount Starting from the Outpost 10 update, and running until Tuesday, 10/3 we will be running a discount on specific building upgrades when you use the “Upgrade Instantly” option. The following upgrades will be discounted: Name Normal Cost Discounted Cost Discount Upgrade Outpost from 9 to 10 1004 496 50% Upgrade Dock from 13 to 14 676 303 55% Upgrade Shipyard from 4 to 5 676 301 55% Omega Weapon ​

​ Nicknamed by the Forsaken as the BFG, the Omega Gatling Gun MK-1 is the first Omega Weapon you can equip to a level 10 Outpost. September Forsaken Missions This is the start of our new cycle of the Forsaken Missions. New Prizes: Prize Pool 5: Mousetrap Depth Charge (Skirmish generalist weapon) ​

​ Streamlined Shells (Skirmish generalist special)

​ Corrosive Plate VI (PVP defenses) ​

​ Reflective Coating IV (PVP defenses) ​

​ Prize Pool 4 Alloy Panels CTX (Skirmish defense special) ​

​ Corrosive Plate V (PVP defenses) ​

​ Prize Pool 3 Corrosive Plate IV (PVP defenses) ​

​ Assault Target Transitions: With the end of the current Raid Cycle we will be refreshing our Assault Targets on the world map. The Mega Hull, and Legion Assault Forces will be replaced by Glowing Nav Relays. Target Previously on the Map On the Map 9/21 First Week of October Mega Hull 91 x x Legion Assault Force 63 x x Legion Assault Force 53 x x Glowing Nav Relay 85 x x x Glowing Nav Relay 83 x x x Glowing Nav Relay 65 x x Glowing Nav Relay 45 x x New Target Payouts Target Titanium Glowing Nav-Relay 85 25000 Glowing Nav-Relay 83 15000 Glowing Nav-Relay 65 5000 Glowing Nav-Relay 45 1500 New Uranium Sources With the addition of OP10 many of you are going to be looking for more Uranium to be able to upgrade your Outpost as well as many other structures. To help you with these we have a few additional source of Uranium that are being added to the game. As noted above you will be able to get Uranium from the VXP targets this weekend. Keep an eye out on the world map after VXP weekend for the Uranium Raider Targets to be able to collect more Uranium. In addition to this there a 3rd Daily Campaign added to the rotation you will see. It will be a three run campaign, with the first 2 runs being similar to Uranium Raider 60 Target, which you can be completed with Tideseekers. The third run is similar to the Uranium 100 Target and you will want the Fangtooth or Hunter for this target. Reward for completing this campaign will not be a treasure chest, but 310k Uranium. ------

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