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9-26 Release Notes

We have a number of things starting this week for you! Tuesday 9/26: Hunter Games TLC - Noon on 9/26 to 11:59 PM PDT on 10/11 Hidden Depths TLC - Noon on 9/26 to 11:59 PM PDT on 9/30 Tech Up TLC - Noon on 9/26 to Noon on 10/3 Stay tuned for more info coming later this weekend for this weekend. --- Hunter Games To earn the new Skirmish Tier 6 Hunter Mark I, you will want to take your Apollo, Phoenix, and Skyfire Carrier Fleets. The first 5 targets can be done with Apollo fleets while the 6th and 7th targets will need Phoenix or Skyfire Carrier fleets. See the Campaign Menu in game for more info. Rewards: Hunter Mark I ​

​ Houndstooth Depth Charge ​

​ PBX Payload

​ --- Hidden Depths To gain access to the Hidden Depths TLC, you will need to earn the PBX Payload from the 3rd runthrough of the Hunter Games TLC. Through the Hidden Depths TLC you will be able earn the Phantom Fangtooth which requires 10 shards to complete, Skirmish Build Tokens, and up to 5 Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-CT. If you complete the entire TLC you will have enough shards to complete the Phantom Fangtooth Flagship Blueprint. See the Campaign Menu in game for more info. Phantom Fangtooth Flagship ​

​ --- Tech Up TLC We have a brand new TLC to get tier six components into your waiting hands. In this nine runthrough TLC, each runthrough will reward you a treasure chest with a random component from the pool of nine new items. You will get a different component each runthrough. Complete all nine runthroughs to collect all nine components. You will want to bring your Assault Ships. The first few runs Apollos can handle, after that you will want either Phoenix or Skyfires. See the Campaign Menu in game for more info. Prizes

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