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10/4 Release Notes

Howdy Captains!

This is a big week for us, Bounty Season 2 starts this weekend. We have a few features coming out this week that are going to help you in your PVP activities. We have a new trap for Channel Defenses, The Draconian Sea Wall! The much awaited PVP Shipyard known as the Conquest Yard! In order to take advantage of the Conquest Yard you are going to need Titanium, which you can earn from Assault Targets on map. And one of your best ships for that, Skyfire, can be earned in the Skyfire TLC!


Draconian Seawall

This new channel defense is available when your Advanced Lab to level 13. This monolith of a wall has a ton of armor points. The bonuses it grants are dependant upon your faction.


Conquest Yard

You have asked for a second shipyard and here it is. The Conquest Yard will allow to build and refit your Conqueror and Defender ships in their own queue. You will need to upgrade to OP 10, and your Shipyard to 5 before you can build The Conquest Yard. When using this second queue there will be an additional Titanium Cost.


Skyfire TLC

From Wednesday 10/4 @ noon to Wednesday 10/11 @ noon, we will be running a new version of the Skyfire TLC. In this TLC you will be able to earn The Skyfire Carrier hull, Banded Hornet UAV, UAV Targeting Circuitry, Polistes UAV, UAV upgrade, and Gutspill’s Skyfire Carrier.

See the Campaign information in-game for more information

Bugs and Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where enemy AI would get confused when attacking player bases that had blocked channels due to portals.

  • Fixed the issue where destroyed portals would block users in pvp combat.

---- Official Discussion Thread: here (<--- Click Link)

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