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Bounty Season 2

Bounty Season 2 Details Bounty Home page plus info Click here Runtime: 10/5 @ 9am PDT to 10/9 @ 9am PDT

Bounty Store (Prize Redemption): 10/9 @ 9am PDT to 10/13 11:59pm PDT


Cost - 1700 Bounty each

  • 12 Hour Ship Build Token (max 1)

  • Radon Slinger

  • Randon Breeder

  • Amphibious Missile System (Previously Available in FM)

  • Cataclysm Turret

  • Venom Spitter

  • Fuel Tank 01-X

Cost - 2400 Bounty each

  • Concussive Belt

  • Explosive Turret D99-S

  • Axium Chaingun Turret

  • Rage

  • Insurrection Launcher (Courage Weapon)

  • Fission Fuel Node (Courage Special)

Cost - 5000 Bounty each

  • *NEW* Clipper Missiles (Twinblade Weapon)

  • *NEW* Aft Razor Foils (Twinblade Special)

  • *NEW* Adder Strike Turret

  • *NEW* Caustic Catalyst

  • Reina’s Rage

Cost - 15000 Bounty

  • 1 x Courage (limit remains 2 per account)

  • Large Courage VXP Token (Limit 1 Per Account)

Cost - 37120

  • *NEW* 2 x Twinblade Limited Hull Blueprint (limit 2 Blueprints total per account)


Please note that ships will continue to build when your shipyard is destroyed. The Conquest Yard should have the same behavior.

Bounty is granted every four hours with across the server. Bounty Grant Times: 9am PDT 1pm PDT 5pm PDT 9pm PDT 1am PDT 5am PDT

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