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Caress of Steel - Event Briefing

Howdy Captains! The time has come for this month’s event: Caress of Steel! The Forsaken have continued their push towards The Lost Continent. Greta Spader and Isurus have formed an alliance between the Draconians and The Scourge. There are whispers that there may be more beneath the surface to their alliance. The combined power of The Fangtooth fleets and the Hunter Mk.1 fleets may be too much for the Forsaken to overcome. Event runs from Thursday, October 12th @ 9am PDT to Monday, October 16th @ 9am PDT. “Caress of Steel” will begin on the following worlds at the following times: World Alpha: 9AM PDT World Beta: 10AM PDT World Gamma: 11AM PDT World Delta: 12PM PDT World Epsilon: 1PM PDT At the start of the event for each world, the following features will be disabled: Relocation Sector Threat Base Parts targets Gantry and Foundry targets Daily Campaigns Friends lists limited to 10 These features will become disabled at the start of the event for their respective worlds. For example, at 9am PST, relocation will be turned off in World Alpha but will be available for all other worlds. However, you cannot relocate to World Alpha once relocation has been turned off for that sector. Goals Caress of Steel is the first event in the Sacrifice and Decay event cycle. Targets include Scourge Blockades that include Scourge Sentry Ships, Daggertooths, Electric Eels, and Goblin Sharks. These are tuned for Fangtooth and Hunter Mk.1 fleets. Targets Scourge Blockade are classified by Tier (Tier 5; Tier 4; etc). Targets are not cooperative. Tier 7 Limited to Tier 6 Hulls For Fangtooth Depth you will be able to bring a Tier 0.x (any 0.something) or Tier 1.x (any tier 1.something) hull as a flag ship. Such as a gunboat. Very difficult targets with high payout of points Specific Fangtooth and Hunter Mk.1 Targets will be available in the Campaign Menu Tier 6 Previously labeled “A set” 3 targets in set (81, 83, 85) Recommended: Fangtooth and Hunter Mk.1 Tier 5 Previously labeled “B set” 3 targets in set (61, 63, 65) Recommended: Ranked Tideseeker Fleets Tier 4 Previously labeled “C set” 1 targets in set (45) Recommended: Tiger Shark Fleets Blitz Target 10x Blitz Functionality Level 89 Recommended Hull: Fangtooth / Hunter Mk.1 Will pay out ~800,000 points Blitz minimum of 5 gold Level 69 Recommended Hull: Ranked Tideseekers Will pay out ~125,000 points Hit down multiplier applies Blitz minimum of 2 gold Point Payouts Per Target Each target is worth a maximum number of points, as noted below. Completing a set will award a completion bonuses. Tier 4: 45 - 40,000 Tier bonus - 20,000 Tier 5: 61 - 130,000 63 - 190,000 65 - 280,000 Tier bonus - 400,000 Tier 6: 81 - 500,000 83 - 600,000 85 - 750,000 Tier bonus - 1,850,000 Tier 7: Fangtooth Depths - 4,000,000 Hunter Bay - 4,000,000 Set Bonus - 4,000,000 Blitz Tier 6 89 - 800,000 Blitz Tier 5: 69 - 125,000 You can track your completion progress in the Event modal. Defeating a target will mark the completion in the modal. Continuous target completions will count towards future set completions. Once a set is complete, the modal will clear and reset with previously completed targets marked in the modal. Hitting targets that are below your recommended level will result in fewer points. This does not affect the completion bonus for a finishing a set. Use the Locator to find targets of all Sets or specific Sets. Uranium Sector Threat will not be enabled during the event however you may earn Uranium by reaching certain points thresholds. Points earned Payout 150,000 800 500,000 1,500 2,000,000 5,000 5,000,000 10,000 10,000,000 20,000 Zoe's Man-O-War A level 99 target that begins spawning on Saturday will also have a Uranium payout (~42k) upon completion. This target is not worth any event points but may be completed for a Uranium payout. This target will begin spawning on Saturday at noon and continue to regularly spawn hourly throughout the rest of the event. These targets will spawn near Nav Relay towers. Prizes Apex Hunter - Hunter Flagship ​

​ ​

​ Phantom Fangtooth ​

Zelos CTX ​

​ ​

​ Courage ​

​ ​

​ Left Track

Torpedo Tubes 8,000,000

Delirium Torpedo 12,000,000 Fangtooth 20,000,000 Hellwraith 2,000,000 Fire Twister Torpedo 1,000,000 Sealed Fire Charge 400,000 Right Track

PBX Payload


Houndstooth Depth Charge


Hunter MK-1




Garwood Gatling Gun


Advanced Concussive Payload


You will need to redeem either Torpedo Tubes or the PBX Payloard to open the Locked Store. If you already own both Torpedo Tubes and the PBX Payload you will have access to the Locked Store already. Locked Store Name Price Redeems Hellstar Shard x5 2,000,000 4 Ghostcrawler Shard x5 2,000,000 4 Man-O-War Shard x5 2,000,000 4 Proto-Nemesis Shard x5 2,000,000 4 Caedes Shard x5 6,000,000 5 Phantom Fangtooth Shard x1 4,000,000 10 Phantom Fangtooth 40,000,000 1 Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-CT 8,000,000 10 Normal Store Name Price Redeems Ship build - 1 hour 140,000 10 Ship build - 12 hours 1,850,000 4 Ship build - 24 hours 3,500,000 3 Zelos CTX Prime 5,000,000 1 Apex Hunter 40,000,000 1 Courage 4,000,000 5 Insurrection Launcher 4,000,000 1 Fission Fuel Node 2,000,000 1 Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-M 3,000,000 5 Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-X 3,000,000 5 Harlock's Tideseeker 4,000,000 1 Phantom Hellwraith 4,000,000 1 Zynthonite Armor D5-SL 3,000,000 5 Gale Defense System III 4,500,000 10 Hydraulic Resistors 2,000,000 5 Elite Countermeasure Turret 4,000,000 5 Epic Cataclysm Mortar 4,000,000 5 Cannibal Wendigo 4,000,000 5 Tideseeker 1-day build token 1,750,000 10 Hellwraith 1-day build token 1,750,000 10 Hunter MK-1 1-day build token 4,000,000 10 Structure Build Token (48 Hr) 5,000,000 10 The cap for the number of Courages owned is being increased from 2 to 5 with the event.

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