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11/15 Update Notes - FM Update / Rival TLCs / VXP Weekend

Howdy Captains, Overview This week we start the November FM cycle, with a number of new prizes being added. We also have a number of changes to the FM, based on your feedback from the first week of the new format. We are runnings the Call to Arms: Icebreaker/Monolith TLC’s to help you get the tech you need for the high level FM targets, and tokens to help you improve your existing fleets. The return of The Defensive Arts TLC will also allow you earn more charged armors. Beyond that we are re-running 3 of the Rival TLC’s to allow you to earn more of the faction specific Conqueror Hulls that all have special auras that allow you to buff other Rivals ships in your fleet. November FM We are adding 4 new prizes to the FM this month. 3 in PP5 and 1 in PP4. Prize Pool 5 Nightmare Torpedo 1,200,000 Points ​

​ Wolvestooth Depth Charge 1,200,000 Points ​

​ Alloy Panels CtM 1,100,000 Points ​

​ Prize Pool 4 Heavy Garwood Gatling Gun ​

​ Target Payouts Target New Points Old Points 115 300000 250000 111 150000 None 103 80000 60000 89 55000 30000 82 20000 10000 68 10000 4000 61 5000 1200 40 2500 150 Prize Costs: The prices for prizes in PP4 and PP5 are decreasing by about 20% Call to Arms: Monolith / Icebreaker ​

​ If you don’t have an Icebreaker of Monolith Fleet for the FM, here is your chance to earn the Blueprints, and tokens you build those fleets. If you do have the fleets already, then this is your chance to earn more tokens to help optimize your builds! For more information please see the campaign menu. Defensive Arts: ​

​ This your chance to earn even more charged armors. You can earn C1-M, C1-CO and C1-X charged armors. These will come in handy when you are pushing into the higher level FM targets! For more information please see the campaign menu. Rivals TLC With Bounty Season 4 on the horizon. We have are returning with the Rivals starting this week you will be able to earn Blueprints for Liberator, Survivor and Incinerator through the Homeland, Hunger and Plunder TLCs. These ships have unique auras that will allow you strengthen other Rival ships in your fleet. We are also increasing the capacity of these ships from 5 each to 10 each. VXP Weekend From Friday, 11/17 at 9am PST to Monday, 11/20 9am PST Get ready to rank up your hulls. Robot's raiders, Unidentified Raiders Skirmish 60 will spawn the entire time. Salvage and Elite targets will have 2x VXP payout the whole time. Unidentified Raiders Skirmish level 100 will only spawn from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9pm. You cannot retreat from this target. Other VXP targets are not affected.


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