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Update Notes 11/21 - Mega Edition

Howdy Captains, This week we have an exciting announcement about the upcoming Bounty Season 4. In Bounty Season 4 there will be an additional source for you to earn Bounty Points: holding a Nexus with your Mega Ships! More details next week as we get closer to the start of the season. Changes to Building and Upgrading Mega Ships To help you get Mega Ships for this and future Bounty seasons we are going to decrease your build time on the Gantry which is required to build your Mega Ship. The new build time is going to be only seven days. We are also reducing the requirement of Metal Alloy and Advanced Systems for Modules and Cores. Level 1 & 2 will no longer require any Metal Alloy or Advanced Systems; Level 3 will require 1 Metal Alloy and Advanced System, and level 4 will require 3 of each. With these changes there will be a new Titanium cost for these Modules and Cores. Titans Unleashed TLC With Mega Ships now usable in Bounty we are bringing back Titans Unleashed for a chance to earn new modules for your Mega Ship, including the Jet Engine which increases the Penetrative damage of other modules on your Mega Ship. Be on the lookout for new tokens to help you upgrade these new modules. See in-game Campaign Menu for more information Rival TLCs Part 2 Also to help you in preparation for Bounty Season Season 4 we are re-running the following Rivals TLCs: Forever, Endgame, and Inquisition! These Rivals ships all have an aura that will enhance other Rivals Ships in your fleet. See in-game Campaign Menu for more information


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