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The CIC, also known as the Battle Bridge, is the next feature for ships. These are new add-ons that will allow you to further customize your fleets. You will know a ship can equip a CIC when you see this slot on it.

CICs have significant bonuses and drawbacks associated with them.


With the Siege Capacitor CIC the ship’s role becomes a damage dealer by increasing Radioactive, Wall, and Building Damage, but reduces your defenses.

With the Siege Aegis CIC the ship’s role becomes a tank, by increasing your defense against Ballistic and Radioactive Damage, as a trade off this increases the damage you receive from other sources, and decreases the radioactive and ballistic damage you deal. This CIC also has an aura that will stack up to 5 times that increases your Ballistic defenses.

The Siege Mercy CIC the ship’s role will become that of a healer, by slightly increasing your ballistic and radioactive defenses, while reducing your ballistic and radioactive damage. It will also significantly increase your damage against non-siege type damage. This CIC also has an aura that will allow you to transfer armor to other ships.

The Siege CIC for the Chameleon will take the Generalist hull and turn it into a siege machine. Increasing your Ballistic and Radioactive defense, as well Ballistic range, Wall and Building damage. The trade off is increased damage from non-siege sources, as well as a penalty to your evade. There is an aura this CIC generates that can affect all Chameleons in your fleet. This increases your Ballistic and Radioactive damage and defenses as well.

As you can see depending on the number of each CIC you have in you fleet can change how you would approach a target. If you are confident in your driving skills that you could avoid most damage loading up Siege Capacitors would help you deal more damage. If you are worried about damage then the Aegis and Mercy CICs will help you with those. You can even mix all three to find the combination that works best for you.

Full info and stats on the specific CICs will be available in the event briefing.

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