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1/31 Update Notes

Skirmish Target Transition ​

​ Starting today you will see the new Scourge Blockade targets on the world map which will be your new source for Uranium. These targets will sit alongside the current Reaver Armada targets until 2/14 when the Reaver Armada targets will be retired. After 2/14 the Scourge Blockade targets will replace Reaver Armadas as the source of Uranium on the world map. Use the next 2 weeks to learn these targets. Current Target Replace With When in Threat... Also Pay Uranium Reaver Armada 35 Scourge Blockade 45 Teal 50 Yellow, Orange 5,000 Reaver Armada 57 Scourge Blockade 63 Teal 150 Yellow, Orange 15,500 Reaver Armada 75 Scourge Blockade 85 Teal 300 450 Yellow, Orange 33,500 New PVP Armors These 2 new powerful PVP Armors are going to be available in Prize Pool 4 of the FM starting this week. These new armors have a new stat called Equip Cap, which is the number of times they can be equipped on a single hull. You can have 3 of each of these per hull. So you can put up to 3 of them on any number of PVP hulls. ​

​ ​

​ New Expedition Cards This update brings us our first uncommon Expedition cards. While these cards do have a lower chance of appearing they have a higher payout than the common cards you have seen until now. These new uncommon cards will also have new targets associated with them. You will see 3 new cards for each of the resources silos (Uranium, Titanium, and Base Parts). We’ve updated the information panel to show what each card can generate over a 7-day period if left untouched. Herculean TLC This TLC will allow you earn the Hydra Siege Cruiser hull and its 3 CICs, provide a variety of abilities for the Hydra to be used against the Siege event targets. The first two runs can be done with either Hunter or Fangtooth to get the Weapon and Hull. The third and fourth runs will require both Hunter and Fangtooth fleets to complete (these include the event S Targets) TLC runs from Thursday, 2/1/18 - Wednesday, 2/14/18 Prizes: Spoilerhide Prize Pack 1 1x Small Hydra VXP Tokens Prize Pack 2 Hydra Siege Cruiser Hull Capacitor CIC Prize Pack 3 Multiplex Charge Doubler 1x Hydra Siege Cruiser 1-day build token Aegis CIC Mercy CIC Prize Pack 4 MASTERY RUNS x4 2x Hydra Siege Cruiser 1-day build token Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-R ​

​ For more information please see the in-game campaign menu. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that caused Icebreakers to fail to stop at the correct moment during combat, making them fail to stack properly in combat.

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