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Update Notes 2/7

Captains, We started two campaigns earlier this week. Hunter Games and Hidden Depths which allow you to earn Tier 6 Skirmish ships that can be used in the current Herculean TLC. We have also corrected problems with Omega Weapons and Retrofits. We have two other big things coming up later this week. There will brand new opportunities to earn the Buccaneer, as well as new Co-Op Targets which will allow you to earn charged armors. Watch the normal channels for more information about both of these soon. Hunter Games TLC

Navigate the outskirts of the glowing sea and destroy Windrider Assault Platforms to earn prizes, including the blueprints for the Hunter MK-1, its weapon and special. The Hunter is the perfect ship for the first rounds of the Herculean TLC to earn the Optimized Launcher, Hydra Siege Cruiser and the Siege Capacitor CIC. TLC runs from 2/5 @ Noon PST until 11:59 PM on 2/14 Prizes: Spoiler Prize Pack 1 Houndstooth Depth Charge Hunter MK-1 Blueprint Prize Pack 2 PBX Payload Wolvestooth Depth Charge 1 x 1 Day Hunter MK-1 Build Token Prize Pack 3 1 x 1 Day Hunter MK-1 Build Token Skirmish Chest (Hunter MK-1 VXP Tokens and up to 4 days of Hunter MK-1 Build Tokens) Prize Pack 4 1 x Charged Zynth Armor C1-CT Skirmish Chest 2 x 1 Day Hunter MK-1 Build Token Master Prize Charged Zynth Armor C1-CT x 4 Skirmish Chest 4 x 1 Day Apex Hunter Build Tokens 2 x 5000 VXP Apex Hunter Token Apex Hunter Blueprint Hidden Depths TLC Take your skirmish ships, especially your Hunter MK-1’s to unlock the Fangtooth, Phantom Fangtooth, as well as number of Build and VXP tokens through this TLC. With a Fangtooth Fleet and a Hunter Fleet you should be able to complete the Herculean TLC, getting you ready for the February Event, “Bishop’s Rock.” ​

​ TLC runs from 2/5 @ Noon PST until 11:59 PM on 2/14 Prizes Spoiler Prize Pack 1 Fangtooth Blueprint Delirium Torpedo Advanced Torpedo Tubes 5 x 1 Day Fangtooth Build Tokens Prize Pack 2 6 x 1 Day Fangtooth Build Tokens 5 x 6,000 VXP Fangtooth Tokens Prize Pack 3 7 x 1 Day Fangtooth Build Tokens 5 x 30,000 VXP Fangtooth Tokens Prize Pack 4 Phantom Fangtooth Blueprint 3 x 1 Day Skirmish Build Tokens 20 x 1 Day Phantom Fangtooth Build Tokens 12 x 1 Day Fangtooth Build Tokens Base Tact Mod Build Times The previous reduced build time on base tact mods have reverted to their original build times. Omega Weapon Correction We have corrected a number of situations where Omega Weapons (the large weapons which can be equipped atop OP10), were being treated like turrets. We never intended any of the stats that affected turrets to affect the Omega Weapons (such as Turret Defense). Due to these changes, we’ve also made adjustments to a few of the more recent Conqueror Hulls: King's Writ: Ballistic Deflection increased from 110000 to 310000 Eviscerator: Ballistic Deflection increased from 83600 to 340000 Boulderfist: Ballistic Deflection increased from 200000 to 410000 The Onslaught was originally balanced with this Omega update in mind. As a result, no changes to the Onslaught were needed to be made. Retrofit Fix While working to correct issues discovered with Siege Battery IV in the January Event we discovered a number of issues in which retrofits were not behaving as expected. We have now corrected these issues. The following retrofit stats are now working properly: Splash Ballistic Reload Penetrative Accuracy Cargo Explosive Hits Submerged Supercharge Ballistic Accuracy Explosive Reload Accuracy Turret Defense Radioactive Accuracy Scatter Gun Reload Penetrative Defense Bypass

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