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Bishop's Rock Event Briefing


Bishop, the new Legion engineer, has helped build up the Legion defenses. Through their hard work and innovations, the Legion is expanding their colonization of the Glowing Sea. It’s going to take a lot of fire power to push them out of their new bases.

Speaking of new fire power a few new ships have been spotted on the seas. The first is the new Draconian garrison ship the Inferno Dragon. This ship has the “Dragon’s Breath” aura which deals damage to any enemies within the aura, which combines with the Twinfire Rockets to activate it’s Flamethrower effect. Forsaken have finished their Chameleon CR Prime. This new generalist flagship will increase the impact the rest of the Chameleon ships will have in siege targets.

Both of these new ships as well other new items are available for those who are able to penetrate the Legion’s defense during Bishop’s Rock.

Event Info

The event starts Thursday, February 15th @ 9am and ends Monday, February 19th @ 9am.

“Bishop’s Rock” will begin on the following worlds at the following times:

  • World Alpha: 9AM PST

  • World Beta: 10AM PST

  • World Gamma: 11AM PST

  • World Delta: 12PM PST

  • World Epsilon: 1PM PST

At the start of the event for each world, the following features will be disabled:

  • Relocation

  • Sector Threat

  • Base Parts targets

  • Gantry targets

  • Daily Campaigns

  • Friends lists limited to 10

These features will become disabled at the start of the event for their respective worlds. For example, at 9am PST, relocation will be turned off in World Alpha but will be available for all other worlds. However, you cannot relocate to World Alpha once relocation has been turned off for that sector.


Bishop’s Rock is the second event in the Dawn of the Legion event cycle. Targets include Fire Archer Turrets, Shell Launcher Turrets, Legion Cannon Turrets and Legion Blunderbuss. The new targets also include emitter drops which have three types: Offense, Defense and Burn. These targets are designed for your Siege fleets.



  • Tier 8

  • Limited to Tier 7 Hulls

  • Very difficult targets with high payout of points

  • New Targets (limit: none) Only Available in the campaign menu

  • Buccaneer’s Trap- Can only bring in Buccaneer or Buccaneer’s Boon

  • Points: 3,500,000 total

  • Hydra’s Den - Can only bring in Hydra Siege Cruiser or Blood Hydra

  • Points: 3,500,000 total

  • Set Completion Bonus for Buccaneer's Trap & Hydra’s Den : 4,000,000

  • Last Month’s Targets - Available on World Map

  • Buccaneer’s Bounty - Can only bring in Buccaneer or Buccaneer’s Boon

  • Points: 1,500,000 total

  • Hydra’s Lair - Can only bring in Hydra Siege Cruiser or Blood Hydra

  • Points: 1,500,000 total

  • There is no set bonus for last month’s targets

  • Tier 7

  • Targets:

  • 81 - 500,000 Points

  • 83 - 600,000 Points

  • 85 - 750,000 Points

  • Completion Bonus - 1,650,000

  • Recommended: Buccaneer and Hydra

  • Restrictions: Must be Siege hull, or Generalist of at least Tier 7

  • Tier 6

  • Targets

  • 61 - 150,000 Points

  • 63 - 200,000 Points

  • 65 - 300,000 Points

  • Completion Bonus - 450,000 Points

  • Recommended: Ranked Cannoneers and Ironclads

  • Restrictions: None

  • Tier 5

  • Target:

  • 45 - 40,000

  • Completion Bonus - 20,000

  • Recommended: Cannoneers and Ironclads

  • Restrictions: None

  • Blitz Target

  • 10x Blitz Functionality

  • Level 89

  • Recommended Hull: Buccaneers and Hydra

  • Will pay out ~800,000 points

  • Blitz minimum of 5 gold

  • Level 69

  • Recommended Hull: Ranked Ironclads and Cannoneers

  • Will pay out ~125,000 points

  • Hit down multiplier applies

  • Blitz minimum of 1 gold

Other Target Notes:

  • Targets are not cooperative.

  • You can track your completion progress in the Event modal.

  • Defeating a target will mark the completion in the modal.

  • Continuous target completions will count towards future set completions.

  • Once a set is complete, the modal will clear and reset with previously completed targets marked in the modal.

  • Hitting targets that are below your recommended level will result in fewer points. This does not affect the completion bonus for a finishing a set.

  • Use the Locator to find targets of all Sets or specific Sets.

Advanced Resources:

Sector Threat will not be enabled during the event however you may earn Uranium by reaching certain points thresholds.

Points earned Payout

150,000 800

500,000 1,500

2,000,000 5,000

5,000,000 10,000

10,000,000 20,000

There are two sources for Advanced Resources (Uranium, Titanium & Base Parts), during the event. The first is Expeditions, which allows you send you fleet out to gather resources. The second is that Advanced Resources will be available in the Event Store for points.

One More Thing...

The update after this event we are going to be adding new Generalist cards to the Expedition system. These cards are going to have bonuses for each generalist in your fleet, and an additional bonus for a generalist flag ship. These new Generalist Cards, with a Generalist Fleet, and Generalist Flagship will have the highest payout of Premium Resources.

So make sure to pick up the Chameleon, and the Chameleon CR Prime.

Chameleon CR Prime Instant Build Discount

To help you get your Chameleon CR Prime ready for the new Expedition we are have a 50% on instant builds of the Chameleon flagship until 2/27.

Top Prizes

You will need to purchase either the Mass Augmentation Nexus or the RF-X Engine, durning Bishop's Rock to access the locked store.

Balance Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Chameleon Update:

  • We added the ability for UAVs to chain to multiple targets starting with the ability to chain to 1 additional target after the first.

  • UAVs on the Chameleon will swarm a target for 1 second before moving to the next or returning home.

  • The new target must be within 50 weapon range of the first target.

  • We made this change to allow the Chameleon to fully leverage its Air weapon slots in the upcoming Generalist Expedition targets.

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