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Release Notes 2-21-18

Captains, We have a number of exciting changes in store for you this week. The FM this week has new prizes as well as a new target; you will want to bring the Inferno Dragon for the new 117. We have 3 Campaigns starting this week, Zoe’s Legion HQ, and the return of the March to War Campaign and Titans Unleashed 3 Campaign. We are bringing back the new Scourge Siege targets that were pulled a few weeks ago for rebalancing, for Uranium. Lastly, we have our next VXP weekend starting this Friday. February FM Brand new 117 Target, worth 500,000 points T7 Inferno Dragon highly recommended for this target Additions to Prize Pool 5 Phased Attack Cannon - Bucc Weapon Upgrade ​

​ Lowered Cannon Mount - Bucc Special Upgrade

​ Hawker UAV - Chameleon Weapon Upgrade ​

​ Additions to Prize Pool 4 UAV Frame-C1

​ VXP Weekend From Friday, 2/23 at 9am PST to Monday, 2/26 9am PST This is your chance to rank your Siege Hulls. Robot's Raiders, Unidentified Raiders 55 (Skirmish-style target) will spawn the entire time. Salvage and Elite targets will have 2x VXP payout the whole time Unidentified Raiders level 100 (Siege-style target) will only spawn from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9pm. You cannot retreat from this target. Other VXP targets are not affected. Upon destruction, this target will pay out 3 Defender class VXP tokens (10k VXP each) Skirmish Target Transition Scourge Blockade Targets 35 and 57 return. These should be viable with Tideseekers now. Addition of Scourge Blockade Target 102 - same payout as the old 102 (450 in threat Teal, 47000 in Yellow or Orange). Scourge Blockade and Reaver Armada targets will exist side by side for two weeks before Reaver Armada targets are retired. The last day for old Skirmish targets will be 3/6. Take advantage of this period now and prepare for the new targets. Titans Unleashed 3 Campaign Runs from 2/21 at noon PST to 2/28 at 11:59pm PST Campaign for Mega Ship owners Rewards Mega Ship Modules and Tokens: Kinetic Engine Module Lv 1 Congreve Rock Module Lv 1 Pyro Engine Module Lv 1 Missile Strike Drone Module Lv 1 Drone Bridge Module Lv 1 Exocet Missile Module Lv 1 Jet Engine Module Lv 1 March to War Run time: 2/21 at noon to 2/28 at 11:59pm PST Recommended Fleet: Fangtooth Prizes: Eviscerator - T6.5 Conqueror Hull Siege Reloader II - Special Chaos Chaingun -Weapon Kinetic Motion Cannon - Omega Weapon Eviscerator VXP Tokens, and Conqueror Build tokens Zoe’s Legion HQ Campaign Run Time: 2/21 at noon PST to 3/7 at noon PST Return of Co-Op Dual Silo TLC Will want to bring top tier, ranked, ships for this challenging targets Three Dual Silo Targets Target #1 - Skirmish & Siege Both players receive Small Legion Chest, which contains: 1 Charged Armor Could be C1-M, C1-X or C1-C 10-20 Hours of Structure Build Target #2 - Skirmish & Assault New Target - Special Note: Legion Assault Turrets are immune to ballistic damage. Both players receive Medium Legion Chest, which contains: 1 Charged Armor Could be C1-X, C1-C or C1-R 1-2 x 1 Day Buccaneer Build Token Target #3 - Assault & Siege New Target - Special Note: Legion Assault Turrets are immune to ballistic damage. Both players receive Large Legion Chest, which contains: 1 Charged Armor Could be C1-M, C1-C or C1-R 1-2 x 1 Day Siege Build Tokens Completion Prize - Only for the person who started the TLC 2x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-M 2x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-X 2x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-CT 2x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-CO 2x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-C 2x Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-R Buccaneer USA skin ​

​ Bug Fixes and Balance Changes: Fixed a stacking issue with the SSKP special, which prevented it from being equipped in certain circumstances. Updated Siege CIC bonus to apply to Chameleon CR Prime as well. Fixed an issue where scroll bars would go past their respective modals Fixed an issue where the Executioner II turret would fail to display within the Base Planner

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