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2/27 Update Notes

Captains, This week we have Bounty Season 7, which reveals our new replica NPC bases which replaces Bounty Bandits. In Bounty Season 7 you can earn the new Missile Storm Cruiser. We also have a new expansion to the Expedition system with new generalist cards which you can use to get the largest payout from the expedition system. For those who don’t have the Chameleon, you can earn it in our new Co-Op campaign, Path to the Chameleon. For those with Icebreaker and Monolith fleets, we are releasing 5 levels of retrofit for these fleets. When Generalist ships were first released they were intended to be ships to be used in the mid-level event targets, which you could refit throughout the year. Going forward, we are expanding their role to include being the ships for expeditions. With the payouts on the generalist cards, as well as the bonus for using generalists(even more with the Voyager CIC), they will be the easiest way for you to earn resources. BOUNTY SEASON 7 Season 7 will run from 3/1 @ 10am PST - 3/5 @ 10am PST Bandit Bases are dead. Long live Replica Bases. Thousands of Targets from players who have previously participated in Bounty. Prizes: Missile Storm Cruiser, Siege Missile D55-X, Precisions Missile System

Skins: Thunderbolt Missile Storm Cruiser Skin, Rosa Onslaught Skin, Onyx Boulderfist Skin, Corrupted Hope Skin. Bounty Season Season 7 Briefing: Here (<--- Click Link) EXPEDITIONS GENERALIST PACK 3 new cards per silo, with the highest potential payouts Bonus Rewards for Generalist Ships Tier 7 Generalist Flagship +90% Tier 7 Generalist +65% Tier 5 Generalist Flagship +30% Tier 5 Generalist +23% Combine with the Voyager CIC for an additional 15% New Target Recommend Ship: Chameleon Info: Chaos weapons deal all damage types, equipping different type of charged armor will improve ship viability. PATH TO THE CHAMELEON 2/27 at Noon PST to 3/6 at Noon PST Single Silo Co-Op TLC Target #1 - Assault Chameleon Blueprint Target #2 Skirmish 1 x 3 Day Chameleon Build Token, 1 x VXP Chameleon Token Target #3 Siege 7 x 1 Day Chameleon Build Token, 1 x VXP Chameleon Token, Voyager CIC ICEBREAKER AND MONOLITH RETROFIT PACK Icebreaker R1: Rocket Reload +100% to +110%, Explosive Damage 0% to +5% R2: Explosive Defense +60% to +64%, Penetrating Defense +60% to 64% R3: Evade Bonus 0% to 5%, Ship & Structure Deflection 600 to 650 R4: Rocket Reload: +110% to +120% Explosive Damage: +5% to +10% R5: Evade Bonus: 5% to 10%, Explosive Defense: +64% to +68%, Penetrating Defense: +64% to +68%, Ship & Structure Deflection: 650 to 700 Monolith R1: Ship DPS: 990 to 1,190, Structure DPS: 1,950 to 2,150 R2: Ship DPS: 1,190 to 1,490, Structure DPS: 2,150 to 2,450 R3: Ship Deflection: 200 to 400, Structure Deflection: 500 to 600 R4: Building Damage: 0 to +25%, Wall Damage: 0 to +25% R5: Explosive Defense: +70% to +75%, Penetrating Defense: +70% to +75% BUG FIXES AND BALANCE CHANGES: Damage Type Passthrough is now displayed in the stat block for components (when applicable). 2X-Q Mortar’s MIRV has had spread and splash added to make the MIRV behave more like traditional mortar projectiles. Fixed an issue where the “VXP Token” button would be clickable even if no viable tokens were available within the Dock Hull info modal.

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