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3/28 Update Notes

This week we have a PVP focus with Bounty Season 8, Titan Rising Campaign for Mega Ships, and the Abyssal Invasion Campaign for new base defense options including the new Reaver faction trap, Unstable Magnetic Zone. BOUNTY SEASON 8 Run Time: 3/29 at 10am PST to 4/2 at 10am PST Long live Replica Bases. Prizes: Warden (T7 Defender Hull), Nightwatch Countermeasure, CM-XM Reloader, Explosive Force, Halo Missile II Bounty Season 8 Briefing: Here (<--- Click Link) ABYSSAL INVASION Run Time: Wednesday 3/28 at Noon PST to Wednesday 4/4 at 11:59 PST New Skirmish Targets aimed at Hunter, Fangtooth or Proto-Tideseeker fleets Prizes: Run 1 2 x 1 Day Conquest yard tokens KB-1 Kinetic Buffer ​

​ Run 2 Penetrative Overlay ​

​ 2 x 1 Day Structure Build Tokens 1 x 1 Day Structure Build Tokens 1 x 7 Day Conquest yard tokens Run 3 D-T:R Transformer ​

​ Unstable Magnetic Zone ​

​ 3 x 1 Day Conquest yard tokens Note: Conquest yard tokens can only be used for the construction of the Conquest yard, not the usage of it to build ships. Blueprints: Spoiler TITAN RISING CAMPAIGN Wednesday 3/28 at Noon PST to Friday 3/30 at 11:59 PST Mega Ship TLC - Must have a Mega Ship Run Through 1 Prizes: Congreve Rocket Module Pyro Engine Module 6 x 6hr Mega Class Tokens Run Through 2 Prizes: Missile Strike Drone Module Drone Bridge 6 x 6hr Mega Class Tokens Run Through 3 Prizes Exocet Missile 3 x 6hr Mega Class Tokens Run Through 4 Prizes Rocket Strike Drone Module

​ 3 x 6hr Mega Class Tokens Blueprints: ​

​ CHARGED PATH CAMPAIGN Tuesday 3/27 at Noon PST to Tuesday 4/3 at 11:59 PM PST Single Silo Co-Op TLC Target #1 - Assault Prize: Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-R x 5, Siege Battery IV Target #2 Skirmish Prize: Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-C x 5, Ion Thruster IV Target #3 Siege Prize: 1 Day Siege Class Build Token x 5, Alloy Armor CL-3 BUG FIXES AND BALANCE CHANGES Fixed an issue where combat was crashing on Live Fixed an issue where a weapon had no build time associated with it Fixed an issue where Countermeasure Loader IV and Warhead Reloader were not stacking properly Reverted change where low FPS would cause projectiles not to render Reduced Build time on Hope by 48 hours to now be 126 hours Corrected a problem with duplicate aura caps not working properly for tactical mods in the base Corrected an issue where the C1-CR Charged armor when equipped with other Charged Armor was showing the smaller not the larger of the Damage reduction values

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