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4/25 Update Notes


In response to community feedback regarding Forsaken Missions, the payouts in the 111 have been reverted to 150,000 points. The 111 and 103 have been restricted to Tiers 6 and below. This weekend is Bounty Season 9! Earn Bounty from replica targets or by stealing it from other players. Top prizes include two limited turrets, and the new Warden Flagship.

New retrofits have been released for the Apollo, Revenge, Spite, and Vanquisher. The Apollo retrofits make it more effective in the upcoming Assault cycle. The Revenge, Spite and Vanquisher retrofits help increase their effectiveness in Bounty and PVP.

The returning Titan Rising Campaign is the opportunity to improve the power of your Mega Ship for the upcoming Bounty 9 Season.


  • The 111 Target Payout has been increased to 150k

  • The 111 and 103 Targets are restricted to Tier 6 or lower ships.


  • Run Time: April 26th at 10am PDT to April 30th at 10am PDT

  • Long live Replica Bases.

  • Prizes:

  • Highguard Warden, Blunderbuss II, Vulture Missile II, Field Extinguisher, Penetrative Force, Explosive Scope, D.A.V.E. Onslaught Skin

  • Bounty Season 9 Briefing: Here (<--- Click Link)


  • Apollo

  • R1 Ship/Building DPS increased to 100

  • R2 Ship/Building DPS increased to 200

  • R3 Ship/Building DPS increased to 300

  • R4 Ship/Building DPS increased to 400

  • R5 Ship/Building DPS increased to 600, Pen Accuracy +20%, Pen Reload +25%

  • R6 Ship/Building DPS increased to 700

  • R7 Ship/Building DPS increased to 800

  • R8 Ship/Building DPS increased to 900

  • R9 Ship/Building DPS increased to 1000

  • R10 Ship/Building DPS increased to 1200, Pen Reload +35%, Flak Evade Bonus +10%

  • Revenge

  • R1 Ship/Building DPS increased to 800

  • R2 Concussive Reload +25%

  • R3 Concussive/Corrosive/Radioactive Deflection to 1000

  • R4 Explosive Deflection to 40k

  • R5 Ballistic Deflection to 30k, Penetrative Deflection to 67500, weight to 8300

  • R6 Ship/Building DPS increased to 2000

  • R7 Concussive Reload +25%

  • R8 Concussive/Corrosive/Radioactive Deflection to 3000

  • R9 Explosive Deflection to 80k

  • R10 Ballistic Deflection to 60k, Penetrative Deflection to 128250, weight to 8800

  • Vanquisher

  • R1 Ship DPS increased to 200, Unreactive 2 seconds

  • R2 Ship DPS increased to 450 , Unreactive 1 seconds

  • R3 Ship DPS increased to 750, Unreactive 0.5 seconds

  • R4 Ship DPS increased to 1100, +25% Rad Reload, Unreactive 0.25 seconds

  • R5 Ship DPS increased to 1500, Fully Unreactive, weight to 8500

  • R6 Ship DPS increased to 1950

  • R7 Ship DPS increased to 2450

  • R8 Ship DPS increased to 3000, +25% Rad Reload

  • R9 Ship DPS increased to 3600, +25% Rad Damage

  • R10 Ship DPS increased to 4300, Rad Range +5%, weight to 9125

  • Spite

  • R1 Ballistic Deflection to 28k

  • R2 Ship/Building DPS +800, Concussive Deflection to 1000

  • R3 Penetrative Deflection to 8k, Explosive Deflection to 30k

  • R4 Corrosive Deflection to 8k, 25% Slow Resistance

  • R5 5% Evade, Radioactive Deflection to 300k, weight to 8500

  • R6 Ballistic Deflection to 56k

  • R7 Ship/Building DPS increased to 2k, Concussive Deflection to 3k

  • R8 Penetrative Deflection to 16k , Explosive Deflection to 60k

  • R9 Corrosive Deflection to 20k, 25% Field Resistance

  • R10 +10% Evade, Radioactive Deflection to 900k, weight to 9125


  • Run Time: April 24th at 12pm to May 1st at 12pm PDT

  • Mega Ship TLC - Must have a Mega Ship

  • Run Through 1 Prizes:

  • Congreve Rocket Module

  • Pyro Engine Module

  • 6 x 6hr Mega Class Tokens

  • Run Through 2 Prizes:

  • Missile Strike Drone Module

  • Drone Bridge

  • 6 x 6hr Mega Class Tokens

  • Run Through 3 Prizes

  • Exocet Missile

  • 3 x 6hr Mega Class Tokens

  • Run Through 4 Prizes

  • Rocket Strike Drone Module

  • 3 x 6hr Mega Class Tokens


  • New ability “Over Damage” - Weapons with this ability will deal at least this much damage beyond the target’s deflection value. This value is applied per projectile and per damage type. Over Damage is currently not affected by bonus damage effects. This has been retroactively applied to the 2X-Q Mortar, Siege Missile D55-X, and Siege Rockets L100-CT.


  • Fixed an issue where users would get an SOS when attempting to refit their Mega Modules

  • Fixed an issue where the Tactical Focus was not centered correctly when equipped to a hull

  • Fixed an issue where Nexus Nodes would not remember their previously owned alliance at the end of King of the Nexus

  • Fixed an issue with the Explosive Force special visually adding explosive range instead of reducing it

  • Fixed an issue with the Penetrative Overlay displaying ‘null’ within affected turret stat blocks

  • Fixed an issue where Slide Loaders were adding multiple entries of their reload stats to the stat block

  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to access the Gantry

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