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8.20 Patch Notes

Hot on the heels of the Mercenary event, there is the 8.20 patch. This patch brings new content for the May FM including the new MC Plate II armor. We are starting our Siege Target transition, you have a month to get ready before the new targets will be the only ones on the map. For those who want to make sure they have all of the right tech for the new Siege Targets, Path to the Continent allows you to earn the Buccaneer (or get help from a friend in these co-op targets). Hydra’s Hollow campaign will allow you to earn the Hydra Siege Cruiser. On top of all of that we have a VXP weekend event, which will be your first first opportunity to rank Makara’s Manticore. MAY FM Starts May 16th at 9am PDT New Items: Ballistic Overlay, SB-1 Splash Buffer, Achilles Missile D55-M, Assault Mortar L84-X, MC Plate II Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link) SIEGE TARGET UPDATE Transition starts 5/15 - Spawning old and new Siege Targets Transition ends 6/13 - Only spawning new targets Base Parts can now be used to to upgrade the new building and defense platform levels introduced with Outpost Level 10 Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link) MAY VXP WEEKEND Run Time: 5/18 at 9am PDT to 5/21 at 9am PDT First chance to rank Makara’s Manticore Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link) HYDRA’S HOLLOW CAMPAIGN Run Time: 5/15 at Noon PDT to 5/22 at Noon PDT Earn the Hydra Siege Cruiser Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link) PATH TO THE CONTINENT Run Time: 5/15 at Noon PDT to 5/22 at Noon PDT Co-Op Multi-Silo Campaign to earn the Buccaneer siege hull Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link) Fixed an issue with zombie turrets in the event targets Fixed an issue where the Scorpion Sting campaign would not allow Manticores at one point Fixed an issue where Phoenix and Skyfire hulls were unable to use tokens once retrofitted

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