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This week’s update brings Bounty Season 10, with the new Impact Cruiser, and a new mechanic allowing you to Secure your Bounty when you choose, a finite number of times per day.

Two campaigns are running this week. Lion’s Mane allows you to use your Phoenix or Skyfire to earn the Manticore, and the “Lion” equipment. Then the Scorpion’s Sting TLC allows you to earn the “Scorpion” equipment for the Manticore.


  • Run Time 5/24 at 10AM PDT to 5/28 at 10AM PDT

  • Secure Bounty on demand

  • Prizes

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)


  • Run Time: 5/22 at Noon PDT to 5/29 at Noon PDT

  • Requirement: Must be level 50 or Higher

  • Suggested Fleet: Legendary Ranked Skyfire / Phoenix

  • Earn Manticore, Roaring Barrel Systems, Panthera Scattergun, Savage CIC

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)


  • Run Time: 5/22 at Noon PDT to 5/29 at Noon PDT

  • Earn Scorpion Tech for Manticore: Stinger Missile, Strike System V, Scorpion CIC, Night Manticore skin, Manticore VXP and Build Tokens,

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)


  • The prizes, in the FM, have been changed in a first update to help make the FM a better catch up mechanic.

  • More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Bug Fixes

  • We have disabled the Dragon Strike campaign due to abuse in Bounty

  • Fixed an issue where some base parts targets were failing to show in the locator

  • Recent Attacker and Alliance Locator have been fixed.

Discuss: Here (<---Click Link)

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