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8.25 Update Notes

June 19, 2018

It’s a big week for Battle Pirates.  This update brings with it the New Primus Ordinis Campaign to earn brand new tech by using your Siege ships.  Three returning campaigns offer you a chance to earn tokens to continue building or refitting your ships. The June FM is being updated with new monthly prizes, and includes over 100 re-offered items to continue improving the FM as a catch up mechanic.

This is also the update where we bring in several fixes to correct some long standing problems within the game.  We have our correction to several major bugs. Tier 7 Turrets not calculating their bonuses properly, as well as all ship-mounted weapons having higher than intended accuracy. We are also rolling out changes to standardize how countermeasures behave, and removing all items at that are equipped to invalid structures in players bases.

With VXP weekend,  it’s your opportunity to rank your new Proto-Centurion fleets. The Proto-Centurion is the fleet which will allow you to Solo the Sub Sector Resource Base.  This will be your most efficient way to earn base parts.

The cumulative effect of these changes are to wrangle combat back into balance, with a higher impact to PvP.

Run Time: 6/22 at 9am PDT to 6/25 at 9am PDT

First chance to rank Proto-Centurion

Full Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Run Time: 6/20 at noon PDT to 6/27 at noon PDT

Use your Siege fleets to earn Countermeasure Loaders II,  Siege battery IV, Peak Acceleration Cannon, Missile Defense System II, Hyper-20 Installation, Reinforced Layered Armor, Proto-Centurion Build Tokens

More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Run Time: 6/20 at noon PDT to 6/27 at noon PDT

Use your Assault Fleets to earn the Scorpion CIC, Strike System V, Stinger Missile, Manticore Build Tokens, and Manticore Nightmare Skin

More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Run Time:  6/20 at noon PDT to 6/27 at noon PDT

Use your Assault Fleets to earn the Phoenix, Flagship, and build tokens

More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Run Time:  6/20 at noon PDT to 6/27 at noon PDT

Use Garrison Hulls to earn Skyfire, Weapons, Specials, and Flagship

More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Run Time:  6/21 at noon PDT to 6/28 at noon PDT

Requirement:  Must own a mega ship

Prizes: Congreve Rocket Module, Pyro Engine Module, Missile Stroke Drone Module, Drone Bridge, Exocet Missile, Rockset Strike Drone Module, and Mega Class Tokens

More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

New Prizes:   

Over 100 existing blueprints added to the FM to continue updating it as a catch up mechanic

Removed: Vassago’s Icebreaker due to redemption issues

More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Corrected an error where all weapons and countermeasures equipped on a hull had a 100% accuracy bonus.

Adjusted Countermeasures to handle projectiles in a uniform fashion.

More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Fixing T7 Turret Bonus to be additive not multiplicative

Accuracy Bug Fix

Countermeasure Update to handle projectiles in a uniform fashion

Remove all items equipped on invalid structures

More Info: Here (<--- Click Link)

Fixed an issue where repairs would cause an SOS

Fixed issues with R&D being unavailable

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