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8.30 Update Notes

It's time for Bounty Season 12! Arrive. Smash Bases. Collect Bounty. We have two limited prizes in the FM this week, and two campaign running this week. No matter what your focus is there is something for you this week. SPECIAL PRIZES IN THE FM FOR ONE WEEK ONLY Run Time: 7/25 at 9am PDT to 7/31 at 9am PDT Limited Time Prizes: Poseidon's Vanguard Flagship, Greta’s Inferno Flagship BOUNTY SEASON 12 Runtime: 7/26 at 10am PDT to 7/30 at 10am PDT Changes from Bounty Season 11 Removed Flat value from Player Bases Removed Defense Fleets from Replica Bases New Prizes: Curator (T7 Defender Hull, with only a 30 minute base repair time), Conservator CR-001 (CM for Ballistic and Radioactive Projectiles), CM-CR Reloader (Increases Ballistic, Radioactive, and Countermeasure reload), Ballistic Force (Increase Ballistic Damage at the cost of range), Tac Mod EMP Overload (Tact Mod that that will stun nearby enemies when triggered), Cold Snap Rocket II (T7 Explosive Turret) PRIMUS ORDINIS CAMPAIGN Run Time: 7/24 at Noon PDT to 7/31 at Noon PDT This campaign has been updated the Cold Snap Turrets to deal Penetrative damage Use your Siege fleets to earn Countermeasure Loaders II, Siege battery IV, Peak Acceleration Cannon, Missile Defense System II, Hyper-20 Installation, Reinforced Layered Armor, Proto-Centurion Build Tokens TURRETS OF TERROR Run Time: 7/24 at Noon PDT to 7/31 at Noon PDT Suggested Fleet: Legendary Ranked Icebreakers Prizes: Glacial Launcher Turret, Radium Reserves, Epic Cataclysm Mortar x 1 , Fuel Tank OI-X, 3 x 10 Day Epic Cataclysm Mortar Build Tokens, Adder Strike Turret, Sulfide Deployer, 5 x 4 Day Adder Strike Turret build tokens, 2 x 1 day structure build tokens, Omega Pyro Rockets (New Omega Weapon), 2 x 1 Day Structure Build Tokens

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