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8.31 Release Notes

Greetings, Captains. Our 8.31 update is deploying Tuesday morning, July 31st. It contains one new time-limited campaign, one familiar campaign, and a variety of bug fixes. Check out the details below! DOUBLE TROUBLE CAMPAIGN (NEW CO-OP!) Begins: August 1st @ 12:00PM PDT Ends: August 8th @ 12:00PM PDT Our first co-op campaign in close to six months provides those that are still looking for the Manticore and its content with the opportunity to earn those items with the help of a friend. [Prize Pack 1] Manticore; Savage CIC; 1d Manticore Build Token x3; 9,500 VXP Manticore Token x3 [Pack Pack 2] Roaring Barrel System; 1d Manticore Build Token x3; 3d Manticore Build Token x3; 9,500 VXP Manticore Token x3; 47,600 VXP Manticore Token. [Prize Pack 3] Panthera Scattergun; 1d Manticore Build Token x3; 3d Manticore Build token x3; 9,500 VXP Manticore Token x4; 47,600 VXP Manticore Token. CM Notes on rules for Co-Op campaigns: Only the owner of the campaign earns the prizes from the campaign. Anyone who is in the target when it’s defeated earns a treasure chest that drops one of the following shards: Missile Defense System III, Hyper 30 Installation, Reinforced Reactive Armor, or Reinforced Chromium Armor. RAPID ASSAULT CAMPAIGN Begins: July 31st @ 12:00PM PDT Ends: August 7th @ 12:00PM PDT For those that already have the Manticore, here’s another opportunity to take it for a spin! Prizes are awarded at the end of each run, with a Mastery run that’s able to be repeated three times. Note that this campaign has updated the Cold Snap turrets to deal Penetrative damage. [First Run] Predator Missile x1; Cheetah Scattergun x1 [Second Run] Predator Missile x1; Cheetah Scattergun x1; 1d Manticore Build Token x1 [Third Run] Predator Missile x1; Cheetah Scattergun x1; Reinforced Ablative Armor; 1d Manticore Build Token x1 [Mastery] Predator Missile x1; Cheetah Scattergun x1; 1d Manticore Build Token x1; 12h Ship Build Token x1 [Event Schedule] The August monthly event is being pushed out a week and now starts on August 16th. An additional Forsaken Mission will run in the meantime. [Visual] Premium gift costs appeared incorrect in game but were correct in the Facebook purchase screen. [Visual] Greta's Inferno Dragon reduced in scale on World Map. [Visual] Added missing timer on Base Activity when using R&D. [Crash] Replica bases with an excessive number of duplicated buildings were causing the battle server to crash. These bases have been removed from the replica base set. [Retrofit] Reinforced Chromium Armor (Special) incorrectly listed in a Retrofit group. Removing it will not impact its performance as it did not receive a benefit from being in that group. [Combat] The Phlogiston Launcher II fails to trigger a shockwave. [Research] Creating Advanced Systems in the Outpost has no timer. [Other] Additional minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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