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8.34 Update Notes

Greetings, Captains. The 8.34 update is deploying Tuesday afternoon, August 21st at 4pm PDT. It contains a new World Map Fleet Management feature, introduces Blitz targets for advanced resources, and provides support for the new Forsaken Mission cycle.


A new world map fleet management system is available, allowing you to launch, recall, attack, instant repair, and join battles without having to re-enter your base. Talk about a time-saver!

Click the Launch button to launch a fleet when docked, and the Recall button to recall a fleet from the World Map. When a fleet is selected you can click a target on the map to attack a target. Selecting a fleet will also allow you to see repair options (slow-repair is still for docked fleets only). Double clicking on the fleet will center the camera on the fleet.

Hotkeys 1 through 0 on your keyboard (10 in total) are associated with the first ten fleets in your Dock.

  • Single tapping a hotkey will select the fleet.

  • Double tapping a hotkey will center the camera on the fleet.

Hotkeys cannot be re-assigned, so if you want a fleet to be associated with a Hotkey, reposition it in the dock. Other fleets can still be managed from the World Map, and can be seen by scrolling down in the Fleet Management window using your mouse-wheel.

Be sure to name your fleets to make it easier to spot the exact fleet you want. You can rename your fleet in the Dock. Details below.

Setting and recalling a defending fleet is not supported with this feature.

Last Note: pay attention to your fleet manager! If a fleet you are not watching enters combat, that fleet will light up to try and get your attention.


Blitz targets for Uranium, Base Parts, and Titanium have been added to the World Map. Find these targets through your locator in game. These targets will not be available on Battle Pirates HQ mobile app just yet.

Note that the Blitz option is disabled in these targets if the amount you obtain by Blitzing would take you over your maximum storage limit.


Week 1

Begins: August 22nd @ 9:00AM PDT Ends: August 28th @ 9:00PM PDT

Week 2

Begins: August 29th @ 9:00AM PDT Ends: September 4th @ 9:00PM PDT

Fire up your Icebreakers, Inferno Dragons, and Punishers to battle against Research Garrison targets to earn FM points in the weekly Forsaken Mission. Use those FM points to claim great prizes including the Zynthonite Armor D5-CTX, Catastrophic Mortar, and Death Scythe Turret.

Full briefing scheduled for Tuesday, August 21st!


Begins: August 21st @ 12:00 PM PDT Ends: August 28th @ 12:00 PM PDT

The Skirmish cycle is around the corner, do you still need a T6 Skirmish hull? Play Hunter Games and pick up the Hunter Mark 1.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Hunter Mark I Blueprint; Houndstooth Depth Charge

  • [Prize Pack 2] PBX Payload; Wolvestooth Depth Charge; 1d Hunter Mk-1 Build Token x1

  • [Prize Pack 3] 1d Hunter Mk-1 Build token x1; Skirmish Treasure Chest

  • [Prize Pack 4] 1d Hunter Mk-1 Build Token x2; Skirmish Treasure Chest; Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-CT x1

  • [Prize Pack 5] Charged Zynthonite Armor C1-CT x4; Skirmish Treasure Chest; Apex Hunter Blueprint; Apex Hunter 1d Build Token x4; Apex Hunter Medium VXP Token x2


Begins: August 22nd @ 12:00 PM PDT Ends: August 29th @ 12:00 PM PDT

Utilize your Buccaneers to pick up great limited content. Complete the Mastery Run up to 5 times!

  • [Prize Pack 1] Countermeasure Loaders III x1; 1d Proto-Centurion Build Token x1

  • [Prize Pack 2] Siege Battery IV x1; 1d Proto-Centurion Build token x1

  • [Prize Pack 3] Peak Acceleration Cannon x1; 1d Proto-Centurion Build Token x2

  • [Mastery Run] Missile Defense System II x2; Hyper 20 Installation x1; Reinforced Layered Armor x1; 1d Proto-Centurion Build Token x1


Begins: August 21st @ 12:00 PM PDT Ends: August 28th @ 12:00 PM PDT

Break out your Mega Ships to pick up various modules and Mega Class Tokens.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Congreve Rocket Module; Pyro Engine Module; 6hr Mega Class Tokens x6

  • [Prize Pack 2] Missile Strike Drone Module; Drone Bridge; 6hr Mega Class Tokens x6

  • [Prize Pack 3] Exocet Missile; 6hr Mega class Tokens x3

  • [Prize Pack 4] Rocket Strike Drone Module; 6hr Mega Class Tokens x3


Begins: August 24th @ 9:00 AM PDT Ends: August 27th @ 9:00 AM PDT

  • Robot's Raiders, Unidentified Raiders 55 (Assault-style target) will spawn through the weekend.

  • Salvage and Elite targets will not have an increase in payouts.

  • Unidentified Raiders level 105 (Assault-style target) will only spawn from Fri, 9am - Sat, 9pm. This target is similar to what you may encounter in the current Assault cycle.

  • You cannot retreat from this target. Other VXP targets are not affected.

  • Upon destruction, this target will pay out 3 Defender class VXP tokens (10k VXP each).

  • [Chat] Alliance Blasts work once again. Try not to use non-ASCII characters in chats to avoid this issue moving forward.

  • [Hardware Acceleration] Issue fixed that was causing the game to get stuck on a black screen.

  • [Forsaken Mission] Unable to retreat from FM targets fixed.

  • [Forsaken Mission] Suggested tab now updates when prizes are purchased.

  • [Expeditions] Base Parts Expeditions start by firing off ‘death weapons’ (aka cheese balls)

  • [Other] Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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