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8.35 Release Notes

Greetings, Captains. The 8.35 update is deploying Tuesday morning, August 28th. It contains numerous Campaigns, additional prizes added for the second week of Forsaken Mission, and the next run of Bounty!


Starts: Thursday, August 30th @ 10:00AM PDT Ends: Monday, September 3rd @ 10:00 AM PDT

Bounty has returned and has the exact same format as our last run. The updated prize list goes live on Tuesday!


Starts: August 29th @ 9:00AM PDT Ends: September 4th @ 9:00PM PDT

Forsaken Mission returns for its second and final week prior to the next Raid. Format is the same with a few prizes being added:

  • Explosive Resistors

  • Skirmish Battery MK-CTX


Starts: August 28th @ 12:00PM PDT Ends: September 4th @ 11:59PM PDT

Break out your Legendary Hunter fleets to fight against two run-throughs of Skirmish targets and earn valuable Uranium payouts.

  • [Prize Pack 1] 75,000 Uranium

  • [Prize Pack 2] 316,000 Uranium

Note that Rogue Crews that enhance resource-gathering such as Irradiated Cutthroats will not impact payouts of this Campaign. Also note that this Campaign will not allow you to overfill on resources.


Starts: August 28th @ 12:00PM PDT Ends: September 4th @ 11:59PM PDT

In need of the Hydra or Blood Hydra? Look no further! Battle against Skirmish targets through this Campaign featuring two mastery run-throughs for blueprints and 17 days worth of Hydra tokens.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Hydra Siege Cruiser; Siege Capacitor CIC

  • [Prize Pack 2] Multiplex Charge Doubler; Siege Mercy CIC; Siege Aegis CIC

  • [Prize Pack 3] Blood Hydra; Optimized Launcher D116-S; 1d Hydra Build Token x3

  • [Mastery Run] 1d Hydra Build Token x7; 1d Blood Hydra Build Token x5; 25k Hydra VXP Token x2; 30k Blood Hydra VXP Token


Starts: August 28th @ 12:00PM PDT Ends: September 4th @ 11:59PM PDT

Team up with a friend to claim the Buccaneer and its build tokens. All normal rules for Co-Op Campaigns apply.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Buccaneer; Peak Acceleration Cannon; Mass Augmentation Nexus

  • [Prize Pack 2] 1d Buccaneer Build Tokens x3; 6k Buccaneer VXP Tokens x5

  • [Prize Pack 3] 1d Buccaneer Build Tokens x7; 30k Buccaneer VXP Tokens x5


Starts: August 28th @ 12:00PM PDT Ends: September 4th @ 11:59PM PDT

Battle against Scourge Blockades using your powerful Hunters to claim the Proto-Tideseeker, along with equipment, and Build Tokens.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Proto-Tideseeker; Houndstooth Depth Charge; 1d Proto-Tideseeker Build Token

  • [Prize Pack 2] Hydraulic Resistors x5; PBX Payload; 1d Proto-Tideseeker Build token x2

  • [Prize Pack 3] Advanced Concussive Payload; Gale Defense System III x5; 1d Proto-Tideseeker Build Token x2

  • [Prize Pack 4] Garwood Gatling Gun II; Agility System IV x5; 1d Proto-Tideseeker Build Token x5


Starts: August 28th @ 12:00PM PDT Ends: September 4th @ 11:59PM PDT

Break out your Icebreakers and battle to claim powerful turrets as the next step in your Base Defense journey.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Glacial Launcher Turret x1; Radium Reserves

  • [Prize Pack 2] Epic Cataclysm Mortar x1; Fuel Tank O1-X; 10d Epic Cataclysm Mortar Tokens x3

  • [Prize Pack 3] Adder Strike Turret x1; Sulfide Deployer; 1d Structure Token x2; 4d Adder Strike Token x5

  • [Prize Pack 4] Omega Pyro Rockets; 1d Structure Token x2

  • [PvP] Cannot select a player if they have a guard fleet set.

  • [Fleet Management] Fleet is stuck in docking phase when returning to base prior to fleet completing docking.

  • [Traps] Defending fleets now attack behind traps

  • [Campaign] Already owned prizes in uncompleted campaign runs were displaying placeholder text

  • [Campaign] When a campaign was activated the abort button did not consistently update correctly

  • [Forsaken R&D] All manufacturing items were being locked after speed-up research

  • [Other] Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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