• Replace Draconian Uranium Bases and Draconian Bases with a single new target, Sub Sector Resource Bases

  • Two satellites released for now:  Siege and Skirmish

  • Satellites are co-op targets; split the rewards with your partner

  • Use a full fleet of new “Proto” ships to complete targets solo and earn all of the rewards (eg, Proto Tideseeker, and the upcoming Proto Centurion)

Greta Spader and the Draconians have updated their Draconian Bases and Draconian Uranium Bases, to Sub Sector Resource Bases.  They have increased their defenses to protect their resources. These new boss targets will be the ultimate challenge for your fleets.


  • Sub Sector Resource Bases (SSRB) unlock at Sector Threat Orange

  • Two Corners of the SSRB will be released in this update:  Skirmish and Siege

  • Each Corner is a Co-Op Target for current fleets.  

  • Each Corner can be completed solo by top built “Proto” fleets.

  • Specifically the Proto-Tideseeker and the upcoming Proto-Centurion.

  • Target must be completed in a single run.  Exiting and returning to the target will reset the target.


Uranium Target

  • Co-Op 65k each

  • Solo 130k

Base parts

  • Co-op 250k each

  • Solo 500k

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