How to Build a Tideseeker to Fight Reaver Armadas

Published on 10 Nov 2016

In this 7min video, see how I built my Tideseekers for this raid cycle, what they can do, and how much damage they take from auto'ing targets.

As proof is in the pudding, you'll see comparisons of different specials, addressing 5 main questions:
1) As more armor slows down repair time, is it worth adding it? I tested D5-CT, as it boosts concussive resistance AND assault deflection. Massive difference!
2) Since Reaver weapons all do splash damage, does it matter how high evade is on my ships?
3) As the Tideseeker already has very high concussive resistance, especially when armored with CT armor panels, should I waste a limited Hydraulic Resistor on it, or is Speed System 5 enough?
4) Should I use Ion Thruster for faster turning? If so, is it worth sacrificing splash/spread bonuses? The answer depends on whether you're hitting 50s, or 70s, with your ships
5) Does it make a difference whether I use Explosive System 4, or Combustion System 2? Which one's better?

14 keyboard/mouse controls

Published on 11 Jan 2017

Do you want to play Battle Pirates more easily?

I show 14 keyboard/mouse controls in Battle Pirates, some you may have know about, and some are sure to be new. These are useful fo
r every aspect of playing the game, and make it easier, as well as more enjoyable.

3 SIMPLE steps to using the locator

Published on 19 Jun 2016

The locator is one of the most "useless" aspects in the game. Players are frustrated when it doesn't work, or only shows them targets they can already see.

7 Things YOU are doing *WRONG* in Research Garrisons + How to fix them

Published on 3 Jun 2017

Many people have been struggling with the Research Garrison targets in the raid. These Research garrisons are going to be our Forsaken Mission targets, so it is especially important to know how to kill these. This video will show you how! This is a How To Kill Draconian Research Garrisons Guide, Tips and Tricks, and Tutorial. Please share this with lower level pirates in your alliance!


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