Time Limited Campaigns


TLC’s are campaigns that run for a limited amount of time, hence the name.

TLC’s are an excellent way for you to gain new technology. Completing a campaign awards a prize package when completed. Most successive play throughs on a given campaign will increase in difficulty, grant less time to complete the objectives, and award a different prize package. Each campaign will feature a few different prize packages, and become "Completed" and locked out once all prizes have been attained. While some prizes are completely new, others have been re-offered from event prize pools and added as campaign rewards. Players can access the Campaigns system from the button located at the top right of the game screen, as shown below:

Upon clicking this button, you will see the main Campaign window:

Here you can read a brief description of each campaign, review which technologies are available in the associated Prize Packs, and activate whichever Campaigns they would like.  You can identity the TLCs from other campaigns by the red clock icon to the left of the Campaign Name. You may only have 3 Campaigns active at any given time, though there is no limit to how many can be attempted beyond that.

Please note that TLCs have an end time listed in Weekly Update thread.  If you start a campaign and the TLC expires while you are running it,  you will not receive the reward.

Once you have activated a campaign you gain access to it from the beacon that will appear outside your base:

Once you click the beacon you will see additional information about the campaign.  You will be able to see suggestions of what fleet to bring,  what the next prize pack you will unlock is, as well as your Encounter Progress.

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