Fleet setups recommended by The Forsaken Council Team


Dragon_Bane-  One zelos build for fm


TSM- Zelos/Icebreaker FM fleet, speed matched for 115 Targets


Dragon_Bane-  Dual Zelos for fm Tank

Dragon_Bane-  Dual Zelos for fm Tank


TSM-  Zelos/Monolith Combo, TSM's 2018 FM fleet

Aug 2017

Derpy the Cow -  Assault Zelos

In this video I walk through how to build an Assault Zelos to kill Assault Targets. If you add a Zelos COM Flagship, it will greatly improve the power of the fleet. I walk through this in a step by step, easy to understand fashion, especially designed for lower level pirates.

Sept 2017

Derpy the Cow -  Skirmish Zelos

In this video I walk through my Zelos build to kill Skirmish targets.This is a generalist hull using the special depth charges for this raid format. I talk about every piece of tech, and why I included it, as well as what you could use instead.

How to build Zelos or Punisher tanks for Forsaken Mission [Dec 2016]

Published on 23 Dec 2016

7min tutorial on how to build Punisher or Zelos tanks for Forsaken Mission. The Puns can tank 2x 109s before docking, the Zelos should be able to tank 3 of them.

Ship builds shared by The Forsaken Council community


Dis Turbed-  Forsaken Mission 113 - No charged armor


Dis Turbed-  Forsaken Mission 113 - Charged Armour 


Pinhead -  Forsaken Mission 113 - Charged Armour 

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